Monday, October 14, 2013

Recent Happenings

This post is a random smattering of recent events, mostly in September.

Dave and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this year. He got me tickets to the Starship/Sawyer Brown concert. It was awesome! We also went to the fair on the actual anniversary.

This was at the fair on one of the rides. I love the rides.

The kids love to ruff house with Daddy.

Hanna told me she wanted to dress fancy for preschool pictures.

Calvin started smiling and cooing

We got to ride on Grammie's boat

We also went to the Rasmussen Family Reunion in September. We had a blast. My parents were in charge and the did an awesome job. It was wonderful to see all my family members. True to form, I did not take any pictures. I was busy chasing our three midgets.

We watched a LOT of Duck Dynasty

I love that show!

I spent some time making fall decor. Thank you Pinterest!

We also got a new nephew in September, Tanner Wade. Dave's brother, Steve, and sister-in-law, Amanda had a baby bow. He is so cute but we haven't really seen him much because we have been sick and did not want to share.

September was great, and so busy. Sorry for the random, unorganized post. I didn't want these things to go undocumented.
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