Saturday, September 7, 2013

Calvin's Blessing Day

We blessed Calvin on September 1st. It was a wonderful day! He was blessed by Dave in Sacrament Meeting. He gave Calvin a beautiful blessing. we are grateful for all the wonderful priesthood holders who stood in the circle with Dave. We are also so grateful to all those who came to be with us that day, some of you traveled so far.

True to form I did not do very good taking pictures. I got posed pictures but I wish I would have gotten pictures of everyone who came to the house, and one picture of everyone together. Oh well, some day I will figure it out.

Calvin in his blessing outfit. I had such a hard time finding one that was not so fruity! Dave told me this one was still fruity. I told him that if he had seen all the other choices he would be raving about this one. Whatever, Calvin still looks like a stud in it.

Our little family- I think this is the first picture we have of all five of us.

All the grandkids on my parents side. Top: Tucker, Hanna, Raleigh, and Calvin
Bottom: Bronx and Heath
I love Tucker's face in this one. You can tell how excited he is to stop playing fora stupid picture.

Raleigh did a great job holding Calvin (yes those are my hands). She is such a great little baby-sitter.

We figured out afterwards that Heath just wanted to hold Bronx. Maybe he and Raleigh need a baby if their own (hint, hint ;) ).
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