Monday, March 11, 2013

Riding the Pony and the Buggy

The weekend that my brothers family came to visit we were able to take Mike's horses and buggy to my parents house. We had a lot of fun, and I think my dad is still smiling.

These big beauties are called Kate and Sara.

Despite his face in all the pictures, Tucker loves this kind of stuff. He just takes it very seriously.

My brother's cute family.

All the guys rode in the front.

And the girls in the back.

We also played with our new pony.

Heath and Raleigh riding.

Hanna and Tucker riding, and believe it or not Tucker likes it a lot more than Hanna.

Even my mom rode the little guy even though she is terrified of horses.

My sister-in-law also rode the pony and was totally sold on it.

We all had a great time getting to visit with family.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Hanna has been asking to make a snowman for two years now. Last year we never had enough snow. This year our snow has been powdery or icy. Well last week we finally had some good sticky wet snow. So we took full advantage and finally made a snowman.

I have a really cute snowman kit, but it got buried in the snow during one of our snowman attempts earlier in the year. So our snowman was plain.

Isn't Hanna so cute!

Tucker went back and forth from having a blast to being completely ticked at his hat and gloves.

In this picture Tucker had fallen over and could not get up. He decided to just lay there and eat snow. Hanna was impatient with my insistence to get my camera and get pictures.

The following day my brother and his wife and kids came to visit from Gooding. The kids made another snowman with my mom in her yard.

Heath, Hanna, Raleigh, and Tucker- cutest little snow bunnies ever (my mom didn't loose her snowman kit).

- Posted by Brianna