Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby #3 A BOY!

We are having a boy! We are so excited. We weren't going to find out until next month. But, last week I started to get really nervous. I was 16 weeks and not showing at all or gaining weight. The movement that I thought I felt had gone away and I just didn't feel pregnant at all. I started showing with both of our other kids by this point. With Tucker I was showing by 12 weeks. I called my doctor's office to see if I could just come in and hear the heartbeat, but when I told the nurse my concerns she felt like I needed see Dr. Leavitt that day. So we went in that afternoon and heard the heart beat and talked to the doctor. He agreed that it was concerning and ordered a growth ultrasound for today. Everything looks perfect! And we found out the the baby is a boy!

He was curled into a tight little ball so it was hard to see much.

But we finally got this shot. I kept thinking that I saw a boy but just as I would think that I for sure saw a boy he would move. I finally asked the ultrasound tech and she said yes we are having a boy. He looks extremely healthy and he is growing perfectly and has enough fluid around him. I am just hiding him well. We just need to figure out a name for the little guy. We took the kids with us and Hanna was so excited. She keeps telling me that he is an alien baby. She told me when we got home "Mommy, your belly is going to get taller and taller and then the baby boy alien will come out! I am going to hold him." Picture her saying this with a huge smile while jumping up and down. Tucker just keeps pointing at my belly and saying "baby boy."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Riding Horses

We cannot wait for summer. We love to ride our horses, and the winter weather puts a HUGE damper on this. Well this last weekend we saw a glimpse of nice weather returning so we took full advantage.

On Friday Dave took the kids for a ride on Little Mr. Pony (Hanna named him). Hanna like horses and riding but Tucker LOVES it. He is obsessed. He watches the horses out the window. He flips through Western Horseman all day long, and he plays with his toy horses. When I took Hanna out to ride I returned to Tucker running frantically to get his coat. I started to gather his clothes and snow clothes, but I wasn't moving fast enough for him.

He took matters into his own hands. He even panted the entire time.

While Dave was taking Hanna for a ride the two of them had a "discussion" over whether cows ate hay or milk. When Hanna knows something, you cannot convince her otherwise. She is pretty funny.

Later Dave got to go for a ride in the dessert with Steve. Then on Saturday we got to take both the kids and ride around the field. It was nice to spend some time on horseback. I also got to work my new paint horse.

We can't wait for summer. If you can't find us, we are in the mountains riding and camping!
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby #3 - 3 months down

This pregnancy I flying by for me!

Week 14
Due date: Still August 8th but baby is measuring a few days smaller.
Maternity clothes: none but my pants are getting tight.
Weight Gain: 2ish pounds
Sick: nope I left that behind in the first trimester.
Cravings: pizza! and strawberries- just like with Hanna
Moody: off and on but mostly happy
Gender: most still think boy. Dave and I still have no clue.
Hoping for: either although as I frantically called the ER nurse and Austin this week because Tucker bit THROUGH his tongue I was thinking "I don't know if I can handle two boys." Tucker is so busy and accident prone. He is so much fun though.
Movement: yes- I love those first tiny flutters.
I miss: Dr. Pepper
Preeclampsia: nothing really yet. My BP was a little high this last visit but I was also really sick with a cold. I will return in 10 days to make sure it is ok.
Excited for: getting the baby bump and not looking "thick."

I still don't have an obvious bump so definitely no pictures, but I expect to start showing any day. With Tucker I definitely had a prego belly by this point. The workouts are not going well. I was super tired and nauseous and I traded that for a nasty cold. I just haven't had the energy for it. I have been doing some here and there though.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jenna's Baby Shower

My sister, Jenna, is pregnant with her first baby. She is due at the end of February with a baby boy. My mom and I threw a baby shower. It was a lot of fun and Jenna received a lot of nice gifts for her baby.

There was tons of yummy food made by my mom and I made the cake. It was a jungle theme shower.

Jenna opening gifts

Hanna got to eat the elephant after we cut the cake. She only ate like two bites though.

It is so crazy that my little sister is going to be a mom but I can't wait to meet the little guy.
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