Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hanna's 3rd Birthday

On July 7, 2009 at 11:53 pm our lives changed forever, when we became first time parents. Our LITTLE miracle Hanna was born at a whopping 3lbs 13oz and 17 inches long. We had no idea how to be parents. We also had no idea we could love such a tiny person so much. Last month we got to celebrate that great day. It was a Strawberry Shortcake birthday, and it turned out really fun.

On the menu was white cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries filling, and whipped cream frosting, ice-cream, mini strawberry cheesecakes, and strawberry shortcake cookies.

Hanna looked really cute in her strawberry shortcake tutu. 

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Dave, Hanna, Papa, and Riley.

She got all her candles out in one blow. She practiced for several weeks.

Everyone was very generous with their gifts- Thank You

Grandpa, Grammie, Grandma, Hanna, and Dave

Grandma, Kaylee, Amanda, Paden, and Tucker eating their cake. 

Grammie and Dave watching Hanna open her presents.

Dave helping Hanna to ride her new bike while Steve and Riley watch.

The bike was our big present for Hanna and she hates it. She is scared of it. I just hope that  it still works for her next summer, and she is more open to it.

Dave, Hanna, and Michelle

The kids all got to break open a pinata. Making it took me back to elementary school.

Hanna giving it her best shot

Riley getting ready to swing

I was told I made the strawberry to hard to break apart.

Finally with the combined efforts of Dave and Hanna swinging and Amanda shaking the candy was released.

They both love Uncle Paden

All-in-all I think the party was a success. One funny thing (now) is that Hanna knew it was her birthday and that she should be treated like a princess. She made sure we knew we were supposed to treat her like a princess as well. If anything upset her she would tell us "but, it's my birthday," in a very sad, teary voice. Luckily, it did not carry to the following days.

We are very grateful for our little girl. She gets more beautiful every day. She is very smart, and amazes us every day with the things she knows. Her favorite colors are purple and pink, depending on her mood I guess. Her favorite food is nothing, although she would drink chocolate milk until she is sick. She love to play on her swing set, most especially on the slide. She has recently learned to ride the saddle buddy on the horse, which she loves. Hanna starts preschool in just a few weeks, and she can't wait. She asks me every day if she can go to school. I miss baby Hanna, but I very much love watching her grow, and discover her world. We love you Hanna! 

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