Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This post is long over due. We got to bring Calvin home almost two weeks ago on July 10th.

Calvin started eating really well for me while I was there during the day. So on July 7th Dave brought the camping trailer and set it up at the hospital so I could be there around the clock. He also decided to stay there with me for at least the first few days so that Hanna and Tucker could be there too.

On Monday Dave took one of the feedings. When he came back he pointed out that Calvin had to work so hard to get anything out of the nipple. So the next feeding I asked for a faster flow nipple. After that he did amazing. He would nurse for about half the feeding and then finish with a bottle. He was doing this every feeding.

Tuesday morning Ginger, Calvin's nurse practitioner, asked us if we wanted to go home the next day. Um, of course! So I headed home with Tucker and Hanna to get e few things ready and to grab our carseat. Dave took the next feeding. When I pulled in the driveway I saw that someone had come to our house and cleaned up our yard. We had pretty much let it go for about 2 months. it had been overtaken by 2 foot weeds everywhere. They mowed it, cleaned all the weeds off the ditch banks, wacked all the weeds in the flower beds, and washed the outside windows. Tears were rolling down my cheeks by the time I got in the house. We later found out it was our home teacher and his wife, and our Bishop. If there was anyone else they will not tell us who. If any of you read this, THANK YOU! It meant the world to me.

I got things ready for Calvin, grabbed the carseat, and headed back to he hospital. Thankfully my mom was able to come and get Hanna and Tucker and keep them overnight. We roomed in the hospital and got to keep Calvin with us all night. He had to sit in his carseat for 90 minutes without his oxygen or heart rate dropping. He passed. The next day we were discharged! It was so amazing to walk out of that hospital.

We finally got our family all together.

Hanna and Tucker finally got to meet their brother.

Calvin is doing wonderful since coming home. He is almost two months old. He came home weighing 4 lbs 7oz. He is now pushing 6 lbs. He is nursing exclusively. He is also awake more now, and it is so fun to see his eyes.

I want to thank everyone who helped us through this. We had amazing nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, and all other medical caretakers. Our family members took amazing care of Hanna and Tucker while we spent time with Calvin at the hospital. We had ward members bringing us meals, visiting us, and taking care of our yard. We had more people than I can even count praying for us and sending so many encouraging and thoughtful messages. Thank you all, from the absolute bottom of our hearts. We could not have made it through without everyone of you!
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