Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hanna's Princess Birthday

Hanna turned 4 on July 7th. She has been talking about her princess birthday for almost a year. With Calvin in the hospital I was not sure how we would pull it off, but somehow we had to make it work.

We did it!

We stayed up until about 2 am, the two nights before making the cake and wrapping presents. It turned out to be a great party for our little princess.

Kaylee, Hanna, and Raleigh
Dave came up with the idea to get all the little girls at the party princess dresses.

The party was at 1, and the sun made it hard to get good pictures.

Hanna received a ton of princess and Barbie gifts. Thank you everyone!

Kaylee posed so cute for me

Then it was time for cake. Hanna loved her cake. Sadly I put down the camera to help serve cake and I didn't remember to get more pictures until after everyone was done.

After cake Dave saddled one of Mike's draft horses, Kate. I wanted a picture of Hanna riding in her princess dress.

She loved it, and now tells us she needs to ride Kate, her princess horse.

When she was done a few of us took turns on Kate.


My Dad


Dave and Tucker

I missed getting pictures of Raleigh, Heath, and Jenna on the horse.

Hanna, we love you more than you will ever know. You are sweet, and kind. You are so smart! You have started to outwit me. You are BEAUTIFUL! Your
Dad and I are so thankful for you in our little family. You are a great big sister to your brothers, and they love you too.
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  1. So fun! Oh my heck how did you do that cake!?! I am so impressed.