Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update for Calvin

Calvin has been cleared of his NEC infection. He is growing very quickly and now weighs 3 lbs 14 oz. He is back to getting food, but only 1 ml every three hours. There are only 5 mls in a teaspoon, so he is really only getting a drop.

Since the beginning if his NEC infection he has had a really suspicious area in his bowels. It is very dilated, and does not really move. This means that the infection damaged his bowels. For the past few days they have been suspicious that his bowels are actually blocked at this spot. They have ordered a test today that will show if there is some sort of structure blocking his intestines.

If there is a blockage, Calvin will need surgery. He will have to have part of his bowels removed. For that we will be transferred to either Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake or St. Luke's in Boise. We have requested for Primary Children's if they have a space. Both hospitals have great reputations, however, we have a lot of family and friends near the Salt Lake area.

There is a possibility that there is a blockage that us just partially digested food that got stopped there when they took him off food.

We are very grateful for all of the support, help, and prayers on his behalf. We know that no matter the outcome if this test our little boy will come out in top.

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