Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hanna and Tucker

I wanted to put up a few recent pictures of Hanna and Tucker. They have had their world turned upside down this last month. But, they are actually doing very well with everything. They are the best kids. We love them like crazy and have missed them while we have been at the hospital.

Hanna is showing off our new fish. We keep goldfish in the horse water troughs to keep them clean. The kids thought it was a blast to release the fish.

Tucker wearing Daddy's cowboy hat and pretending to drive.

Hanna drinking Mountain Dew while Tucker drives. We are going for parents of the year.

Hanna was looking pretty cute in the dentist chair right up until they asked her to open her mouth.

Tucker saying "cheese" while camping. Dave took us on a little overnight camping trip so we could spend some time having fun with Hanna and Tucker.
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