Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our First Camping Trip 2013

About ten days before Calvin was born, we really wanted to go camping for the weekend. But, we were afraid of what may not be working on the camping trailer. I had also had to double my blood pressure medicine by this point and I was scared to go too far from the hospital. Dave came up with the brilliant idea of pulling our trailer to the back field up against all the trees. We knew the kids would still have a blast and we would be close to home just in case.

It took me a long time to get Hanna to hold still for a picture.

Tucker loved throwing rocks.

S'mores over the camp fire is my favorite thing but I have a hard time getting anyone else excited about them.

Isn't he so gorgeous?! I am one lucky girl.

We finished off the night building (or destroying in Tucker's case) log cabins with our log set from Yellowstone.

I am so glad we took the time to do this. The kids had a blast. Our lives were rocked the next weekend. There may not be many or any more camping trips this summer. Of course, having Calvin here and healthy is the best trade-off we could ask for.
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  1. What cuties! I am so glad that you're all doing well and got to go camping.