Monday, January 21, 2013


Christmas clothes

Tucker telling me cheese while playing with the tool set that Santa brought

Hanna and Tucker playing with tools

Hanna with her new doll house, bow and arrows, and Merida Barbie

We got Koda this bed for Christmas. He snores so loud every night now!

On Christmas Eve we watched Muppet Christmas Carol, the kids opened pajamas, and we read the Christmas story from the Bible. Then we put the kids to bed and Santa came. He had a lot of assembly to do. The next morning we woke the kids up and headed out to see what Santa brought. Tucker got lots of horses and trucks as well as his tool bench. Hanna got lots of Brave toys and a doll house that is much taller than her. Dave got me a whole set of Bath and Body works things in my favorite scent. I got him a new belt and a really nice western watch. After we had opened all our presents Dave disappeared and returned with another big box. He had another gift for me. I opened it to find a gorgeous pair of shotgun chaps.

He had his brother Steve make them and they are perfect!

We had our traditional holiday breakfast of Monkey Bread and Bacon.

We had lunch and spent the afternoon with my parents and siblings. Them we brought the kids home to have a nap that we desperately needed.

We spent dinner and the evening with Dave's family.

It was a great Christmas. Tucker has been looking for Santa ever since. Poor kid, he finally grasps the concept of Christmas and then he has to wait a whole year. That is more than half his life time.

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