Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Zoo

We LOVE the zoo! We have a great little zoo in Idaho Falls. It is just about perfect for the kids attention span. I am not sure who likes to go more, me or the kids. This year our first trip to the zoo was actually in Boise when we were there with my family for the PBR event. It was awesome. The cats exhibits are great. Although I have to say, our kids were the most entertaining by far.

Walking through the wallaby exhibit. 

Sharing ice-cream- food is the one thing that our kids will share peaceably. 

Raleigh, my niece, was sucking her ice cream out of the bottom of her cone. 

Heath, my nephew, slept through the ice cream.

Dave and Austin were really good sports to be the turtle for fun family photos.

This was a really fun slide. To get up to it, you walked right up next to the monkeys. Hanna loved it!

Tucker riding the camel. 

Dave took Hanna into the little dome to get a better look at the prairie dogs.

Hanna thought this slide was awesome, but when we got to the top I had to give her a pretty good nudge.

After the zoo we took paddle boats in the canal around the outside of the zoo. Hanna wasn't too sure about it at first.

We had a lot of fun chasing the geese.

Grandpa and Grammie took Tucker with them and Jenna. Austin and Sydnee took Heath and Raleigh with them.

For some reason Raleigh is behind Austin's arm in every picture I took.

Tucker loves to drive. He has an iron grip on this steering wheel.

We found this cute little turtle on a fallen tree in the middle of the pond.

A few weeks after we got home from Boise I took the kids to the local zoo.

They got to pet this little penguin. It was a sweet little guy but it made both of them very nervous.

They thought this donkey was so funny.

We got a good view of the lion this time.

We had to stop for a snack.

These are just the start of our zoo adventures for this summer. We have purchased a season pass, and plan on using it regularly. Next time I have to remember to get out the camera in the monkey house. The kids had so much fun watching them, and laughing. I forgot all about the camera and joined in the fun.

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  1. So fun! I need to get Abby a season pass because she loves the zoo too!