Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tucker Turns 1!!!

Last month we celebrated Tucker's first birthday. I love first birthdays. They are such a fun milestone. Tucker's birthday was no exception. We had a monster bash. 

The kids and I had a lot of fun making these monsters. I let Hanna play with the modeling chocolate which she loved. Tucker just liked eating it, as did his daddy.

Michelle, Kaylee, Tucker, Grammie Cindy (my mom), and Papa Mike (Dave's dad) waiting for the party to start.

Tucker was not really into the presents. He wanted the toys once they were opened, but I think really he just wanted to get down to play with the other kids. He was very spoiled this year, so he had a lot to open.

Tysin, Me, Tucker opening his new tractor.

Hanna insisted on wearing her cowgirl hat that night. It was really cute.

My brother Austin, his wife Sydnee, and their kids Raleigh and Heath were visiting from Washington so they were able to be there for the party. We loved having them. Sydnee and Raleigh are in the left of this picture with Hanna.

We had to let the little kids at the party help Tucker open his presents. He lost interest too quickly, especially when clothes were coming out of the wrapping paper.

Tysin, me, Tucker, Hanna, and Grammie and Grandpa Rasmussen 

Heath was so happy to be bouncing in the horse.

This ball was the number one favorite gift for ALL of the kids.

Giving Tucker his cake was my favorite part of the night.

At first he just wanted the frosting.

The finished product. I am still finding odd little splatters of green frosting in our house.

Cute little Hanna loved watching Tucker eat his cake. She kept saying "Kucker is so funny."

It has been an amazing ride this last year. We have loved having a little man in our house. I can't believe how much Tucker has grown and changed just in this little time. He knows quite a few words: Mamma, Daddy, hi, yeah, no, and buddy. His favorite things to do are jabbering, pestering Hanna (already!), dancing to any and all music, and exchanging the cutest "hi buddy" with his all time favorite person: Daddy. He is working on learning to walk. He can take one or two steps but has not yet ventured beyond that. He brings so much joy and laughter to our home. He is the comic relief of our family for sure. Tucker Man- we love you so much and we are so excited to see what the years ahead will hold for you.

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