Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"My House"

Hanna got a cardboard playhouse for Christmas from Uncle Adam. It is so cute, and you are supposed to color it which is Hanna's favorite thing. We decided to put it up for family home evening this week and we could all color, play in it. Well it opens up to a LOT bigger than I thought it was going to so we had to put it up in our living room. Hanna was so excited, and even Tucker got in on the action and has a few scribbles on the house as well.

Surprise! Hanna popping out the windows was a favorite pass time all evening.

Hanna getting ready to disappear inside.

Coloring the "birt."

Hanna would not take time to turn and smile for the camera.

This was right after Tucker picked up a crayon and colored in the corner. I can't believe I missed it with the camera.

A little daddy-daughter bonding time. I love this picture.

The house has become Hanna's favorite thing. When I told her it was time for bed, she ran and hid in her house closing the door behind her. Ten minutes after we tucked her in she was still calling out "my house, my house." She was not crying or throwing a fit, she was just calling out as calling for a cup of milk. When I woke her up the next morning I said "hi, good morning!" She sleepily replied "my house." We have played peek-a-boo and my little pony and countless other games in her house. Thank you Uncle Adam for providing our entertainment this week.

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