Monday, January 16, 2012

The Move

This last weekend was great but busy. We moved Dave's office out to the bunkhouse on the farm. And, we moved Tucker into his own room! Dave needed a space for his office that was quiet without so many distractions, namely Hanna and Tucker (and probably me too). He also needed an office that could just be his office. Before his office was also our storage room, Tucker's sort of room, and a guest bedroom if you could get in there. So now we have a storage shed, and Dave is in the bunkhouse. The bunkhouse is kind of like a studio apartment and we are hoping it will work out perfectly to have his office out there. We owe a huge thanks to Mike and Amy, Dave's parents, for letting Dave use it.

Tucker has been sleeping in the cradle that Dave made for me. It has been in the corner of our bedroom, and he is finally outgrowing it. We also wanted our room back, although I have loved having my baby so close to us for so long. Hanna slept in the cradle for nine months, and when Tucker came along people told me not to expect him to sleep there so long. Well they were right. Tucker will be nine months old in 10 days, so he did not quite make it.

This is Hanna sleeping in the cradle the day she came home from the hospital. 

This is the cradle all made up for Tucker.

Dave made me that cradle while I was pregnant with Hanna. I love it; it was a wonderful surprise. It is just one more thing that Dave did that was amazing and thoughtful. He is the greatest.

So now Tucker sleeps in a crib in his own room. The room is camping themed and Tucker has been sleeping great in there. He seems to sleep much more peacefully, and we do too.

Yes that is an actual stuffed pheasant that Koda found and Dave shot. It is their trophy and Koda gets to be called a real bird dog because he has a bird on the wall. I am not much for hunting trophies in your house but I love this bird. I think it is pretty and it works perfectly in this room.

We owe a huge thanks to my brother Paden for helping me move everything (Dave just had shoulder surgery). Also thanks to my parents for letting us use the crib and dresser that all my siblings used as babies, and for many of the camping themed decorations.

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  1. I love Tucker's room! Your whole house is decorated so cute! I need your expertise to make my house look that cute!