Wednesday, September 4, 2013

3 months

This post is a little late, but hey I am trying to keep up with 3 kids these days. Calvin turned 3 months old last week. I cannot believe how time is passing us by. The week before that marked him being home from the hospital longer than he was there.

For some reason this was a big milestone for me. It made me feel like he was really mine. I know this is probably dumb, but it is how I felt. When he was at the hospital I felt like I was not needed, and that I was missing his first weeks of life.

But enough of the down and depressing. Calvin has had a big month. Now that he is older we can (carefully) take him out more.

He's been to the zoo (he slept in the backpack the whole time, but this was taken at the zoo, I promise)

And camping in the front yard (although he and I abandoned ship and slept in the house)

And all around Yellowstone National Park

As of August 30, he weighs 7 lbs 15oz and has been taken off high calorie formula (as a trial for now). He is awake a lot more often, and full of wiggles. If I do not feed him when he feels I should he loudly vocalizes all of my inadequacies as a mother. He only gives me about three seconds. He has started sleeping longer at night. He sleeps about five hours during the first part of the night. This is so nice! He loves to play in the floor and get all if his wiggles out. We are all so in love with our little man!
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