Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter this year! It was so fun because the kids understood what was going on. Holidays are so much more fun when you have kids and can watch the magic unfold for them. All of my siblings were able to be here for the whole weekend. I love when we can all get together and especially love to watch the kids with their cousins. My brother and sister-in-law have a little girl that is a year younger than Hanna and a boy that is just a few months younger than Tucker. My little sister and her husband have a baby that is just a few months old so he will be really close in age to our new little baby. It makes it really fun when we all get together.

On Saturday my Sister-in-law organized an egg hunt for all the kids. We got there around noon and we had about 200 eggs between four walking kids and two babies (my cousin Davis was also there with his wife Lindsey and their baby Aiden). They were all just set in the grass and the kids went crazy for them. Hanna and Raleigh had their baskets so full that they would spill eggs every time they bent over to pick up another one. Tucker found out very quickly that there was candy inside the eggs. He was trying to just get one at a time and eat all the candy out of it. They were all so cute and we couldn't have had better weather.

After the egg hunt Dave and I took our kids to Big Juds for a burger. Tucker was so exhausted by this point, so he slept on the table almost until the very end.

Then when we got home we took the kids for a horse ride out on the desert. It was so fun and we had a great ride. Hanna got to ride "her saddle" for the first time this year. It is actually a Buddy Seat which it a seat with two handles and stirrups for the child. It straps behind your saddle, and we borrowed it from Dave's parents (thanks so much). She chattered the whole way. Tucker was a little more difficult. He was determined that he should "drive." I fought with him for a long ways. It was funny, but I still needed to be able to handle the reins and direct the horse. Finally Dave unhooked my rope strap and fashioned Tucker his own reins. As long as I kept my set lower than his we did not have an issue. It was so great to take our little family out and be together just the four of us. While we love our families, between the kids being little and Dave's job, we don't get to do that very often, especially during the winter.

Later that night we dyed eggs at our house and invited Dave's parents to come participate. The kids were both really into it and had 18 eggs colored in about 20 minutes.

The next morning (Easter). We got the kids up and they got their baskets and then hunted for eggs. I made our special occasion breakfast of monkey bread and bacon. Dave's parents ate with us and then we visited for a little bit while the kids played with their new toys.

Then we got ready for Church. The kids looked so cute in their new clothes. I made Hanna's dress and headband as well as Tucker's tie.

Church was wonderful as usual. Hanna is now a sunbeam which means we got to watch her go up in sacrament and sing with the rest of the primary. Tucker was wired on candy and struggled during Sacrament meeting. He even got his head stuck in a chair, which was oh so fun! The rest of Church was filled with wonderful lessons and testimonies on the Savior. I have to take the chance to say that I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. I know that He atoned for our sins and suffered all pains and trials that had ever and would ever exist in this world. I know that He died for us, and was resurrected. I know that because of His sacrifice we will al live again after death. I am so grateful for Him and His infinite love for all of us.

After Church we went to my parent's house for a wonderful lunch. It was delicious! Then we came home and got ready for yet another delicious meal at Dave's parents house. We where so stuffed by the end of the day. We stayed at Mike and Amy's house for a little while and played with the kids outside. Our nephew Tyson was also there playing. Then we took our food and candy filled selves home to get ready to go to Utah the next morning and went to bed. What a great weekend.

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